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Updated: 04 August 2000

The Fall And Rise Of Dying Sun (pt. III)

Initially a five piece based in doom metal, blah blah blah, we had a singer now we don't, blah blah... who gives a fuck!

Upon purchasing wah-wah pedals an amazing transformation occurred. Inspired by the almighty swaying purple hippo, Dying Sun tuned down and rocked out.

Band Members
Graeme Duff - Guitars / Vox
Scott Miller - Guitars / Vox
Kevin Burges - Bass / Noises
Malky T - Drums / Timing

Previous Recordings
Cold Black Empty Feelings (97)
Prime Ordeal (98)
nondescript? (99)

Where We're At
We are currently looking for gigs all around the UK to get more experience and exposure. If you can help us get a gig somewhere, please mail us.

We are hoping to record an expensive demo sometime in the year 2000, this time with a name producer so we can get a decent sound.

Graeme Duff
17 Falkland Avenue
Newton Mearns
Glasgow G77 5DR
Scotland, UK

Name Dropping
We have scored support gigs with: Orange Goblin, Karma To Burn, The Blood Divine and Solstice
We have inflicted our music upon: Entombed (LG & Yogi), Spiritual Beggars (Mike), Queens Of The Stone Age (Nick & Alfredo), Anathema, Waylander (Michael), Soulfly, Moonspell (Fernandez) and Sepultura (Andreas)

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