Well here's some of the more boring stuff, ie my CV.
If you are that bored then you can go away. Here's a few suggestions..


  • Check out my old friend Rob's site - lotsa cool info
    The Good Reverend's page

  • Or my old page, for a laugh
    The Land of the Crows

  • The Sisters of Mercy
    Official Web site

  • London After Midnight- way cool US gothy band
    LaM official Web site

  • My friend Graham's website which has lots of interesting pics of our nights out on it.
    Squiffy website

  • Or go to goth Whitby no really go!
    Whitby Goth Weekend

    I'm also a member of a few mailing lists. Glasgow Metallers, Scot Goth, Tainted, a West Midlands goth mailing list and The Dream Disciples, a Scottish Goth Rock band. I am also moderator of Scot Guff. All of these can be joined through Yahoo Groups. 

    Oh and one more thing....

    ...and proud of it! LOL

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