Well here's the boring stuff. Things about me. Woohoo! 

My name is Claire Henvey (a weird name that gets mixed up with Harvey, Henry, Henney, and other bizarre versions).  I grew up in East Kilbride, a town about 12ish miles outside Glasgow. It was a nice town to grow up in I suppose, even though now it is almost 100% populated with wee neddy folk (as well as some bigger uglier ones...actually, they're all ugly!). 

I've recently moved out into Glasgow and now live in a very nice and very posh flat with my two flat mates, Kev and Mary, and don't miss EK at all, apart from the fact that my family are there. (yes I'm a big sop) I grew up with a big family...2 wee sisters and 2 wee brothers, and 2 cute black and white cats, Homer and Ozzy. I wont bore you all with the details. Plus I've got too much to tell you about myself! :)

My musical tastes have varied lots throughout the years. I've been a bit of a techno/dance freak (well you've got to be), a rock/indie type, a hippy chick, a metaller and now an industrial type goth person. So I have a pretty rounded musical taste, if not a bit dodgy or weird. You can find out my current musical tastes here

I currently go to a club called the Cathouse. It's a pretty good rock club...actually, I'll rephrase that. It's the only rock club in Glasgow. I have recently been spotted at Archaos though, I have to admit, but I had a cool time there despite the fact that I hate the people and the usual music they play! 

Every month a goth/industrial disco night called bEdLAM is run at the QM, Glasgow,  by Danielle and Greig of Naked Truth which is really good. Cheap booze and great music. I'm going back to Whitby for the 4th time for a goth weekend in November 2000. I was there in April 2000, November 1999,  April 1997, with the Dream Disciples . Pics of Nov '99  and Apr '00 can be seen here. Ok well I have since been to April 2001but didn't take a camera. Pics can be seen on Graham's web site... http://www.squiffy.cjb.net . Go see!!!



Some of my favourite things. My mind changes so frequently that I've decided to do an up to the minute favourite section, or at least till I get bothered enough to change it.

CD in player now: Suspiria (Best of album)

Movie: Analyze This. So cool!  

Tv show: I actually don twatch much any more!!

Drink: Peach Schnapps with anything else. Esp Citrus Vodka and pineapple juice!

Pet: My two ratties, Bela and Adreena! Cute cute cute! 

Cartoon: The Nightmare Before Christmas. You've got to love it and the music and Jack Skellington!

Most wanted item of clothing: Mmmm. Some more cool flary black trouser things that dont attract white cat hair!!!!

Favourite item of clothing: My PVC sexy skirt thing....rraaarrrr!

Best night out: Any place with all my favourite pally types!


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