Dying Sun are dead...               
               long live Marshan!

Dying Sun no longer exist, and this site has been consigned to the history books.
We have evolved into Marshan, and are getting more interest than ever.
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Stoner rock rules, and Dying Sun have brought the phenomenon to Scotland. As far as I know we are Glasgow's only active stoner band. We have released two demos and are now a stable four-piece.


In August 99 we did our first English tour, taking in London, Bradford, Crewe, and Newcastle -under- lyme. We hope to do more extensive touring in the near future.
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*** Dying Sun become Marshan ***

Dying Sun no longer exists. We are now Marshan. This site will remain available, but will not be updated after today.

To check out the funkier, groovier, more rocking Marshan, hop on over to


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