I thought I had better dedicate one page to my family. They are all great, although not all here at the moment. As always this page is under construction and subject to change!


This is my gorgeous younger sister Louise. She's coming to Whitby for the first time this year (April 2000) and I bet she's gonna look better than me! :oP *is proud of her pvc wearing sis* She's not just lovely, but also a bit on the brainy side, studying Dentistry at Glasgow uni. I've got my order in for vamp teeth as soon as she graduates! :)=

Sarah with Ozzy!    Sarah and her best mate Kaz.

Sarah is my younger younger sis, and is also lovely. She's following in my steps, music wise that is. Heehee. Poor easily corrupted kid! :oP And no...you cant have my leather jacket, ok!!!

This is my mum, and two wee sisters, see above. She's great. Most used phrase: "I'm never drinking wine or smoking fags again". Cool! :)

Ok, well I have not got any pics of my brothers or Dad up yet. they're not too photogenic, plus they threatened me if I put their pics up. Well not really.